War on Gaza – numbers, and names

I decided to instate this grim “count” page.  Let me state clearly here that I am not indifferent to deaths or injured on either side. I feel as much for a Gazan child that is wounded, or traumatised, as I do for an Israeli child.  The suffering from anxiety or worse effects on all sides demands our compassion. However, the comparisons I set up below are important, because I believe they illustrate, from one angle (the grimmest) that what is happening in Gaza is not a “war”, that there is no balance here. What Israel did in Gaza in 2008-2009 during its Cast Lead Operation is referred to by many as ‘the Gaza massacre’. What is happening now should also be called a massacre. The number of casualties speak for themselves. It is telling that one side is actually capable of tracking the human toll in terms of anxiety and people treated for shock, while on the other side such an endeavour is drowned by the sheer amount of serious physical trauma requiring immediate medical attention.

There is something horrific in reducing humans to numbers. Human beings are not numbers, but they have names, lives, stories, families, friends.  Every human is an entire universe. A never-ending universe. And immense universe. An infinite universe. We all feel it. It’s inexplicable, but it’s true for everyone.

The names of Palestinian victims are almost always omitted from the mainstream press. On September 11, 2011, all the names of the close to 3000 victims of 9/11 attacks were read out aloud in New York. The idea was precisely to give names to statistics. But why is this done only with Americans, Europeans, Israelis? Why only white people?

Below is a link that lists of names and ages of Palestinians murdered in the recent attacks:

Because we are NOT just numbers, keep following this post of the names  and ages of murdered people who fell victim during the past days of Israeli attacks on Gaza since Wednesday”:

Here is a Mondoweiss article by Phan Nguyen from November 17, which contains a list of names and ages of casualties of rockets fired from the Gaza strip. Apart from containing this list, it is a fascinating and informative article to read. I recommend it.

(Last update Nov 28, 21:00 am Eastern)   (News welcome, please email here)

Lost lives:

  • Gaza        Nov 5-12:  7       after Nov.14  160 or more     Total:  167 (33 children or more, 3 journalists)
  • Israel       Nov 5-12:  0      after Nov.14   6        Total: 6


  • Gaza       Nov 5-12:  50        after Nov.14   1269     Total:  1319
  •  Israel      224

Houses destroyed or severely damagaed

  • Gaza       298
  • Israel     80

(Source http://www.ochaopt.org/)


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