We bought a mini-Ark !

Mini-Ark-188x300The mini-Ark is a beautiful idea, apparently originating with Mahfouz, a lovely man living in Gaza, who we had the privilege to meet when we visited Gaza a year ago. He had invited us into his house and introduced us to his family. (David Heap knows him through Gaza Ark. I mention our visit to his place in a post on November 13, 2012.)

A mini-Ark is a 40-cm long wooden model boat that represents the Gaza’s Ark (to read up on this project, see here). On November 30th children from Gaza will be able to take these little boats and send them off into the sea. Children are the ones worst affected by living under the shadow of the occupation and the blockade. By launching the mini-Arks into the ocean, they will get a chance to do a symbolic act to signal their existence to the outside world and thus to participate actively in a gesture of resistance and hope.

Check out this link, and please consider sponsoring, or co-sponsoring, one of them!



Vigil for Gaza in Montreal

Have you been following the recent devastating developments in Gaza? Do you know how many casualties they have already caused ? The media portray this as Israel’s self-defense. But the true nature of these assaults is Israel’s ongoing policies of terrorising, occupying, besieging and ultimately decimating the population in Gaza.

Do not let Israel get away with violating the rights of Palestinians and international law.

Let the people in Gaza hear a different voice than that of our government, subserviently in cahoots with Israel’s brutal and racist oppression of the Palestinian people.

The Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine (CJPP), Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) and Tadamon call a vigil in solidarity with Gaza and in protest of Israel’s escalated aggression and assault on the Gaza strip.

Join us on Friday 16 November

Time: 18h – 19h30

Place: In front of the Israeli consulate in Montreal

1, Westmount Square (Metro Atwater)

Bring candles (wind resistant) and your personalised banners.

Please circulate this widely on your social media.

For a list of current updates and commentaries on how the events are unfolding go to Updates on attacks on Gaza.

La Coalition pour la justice et la Paix en Palestine (CJPP), SPHR, et Tadamon appellent à une vigile de protestation contre l’agression d’Israël et de solidarité avec la population de Gaza.


VENDREDI 16 novembre de 18H00 À 19H30

Devant  le Consulat israélien à Montréal

1, Westmount Square (Métro Atwater)

Apportez des chandelles…résistantes au vent !

Apportez  vos bannières et vos messages « personnalisés »

Montréal en solidarité avec Gaza

Photos made by the great photographer Thien V of the demonstration in Montreal on November 14 to  protest Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza strip, and against its policies of occupation and siege. Given that it was called only a few hours before as an emergency rally, there was a considerable crowd of people.  Antoine and I were invited to say a few words with respect to our recent visit to Gaza.

Thanks to Thien V for letting me share these photos.