Unbalanced circles : a response to Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo is a native American poet and musician. She is currently visiting Israel, where she was invited by Tel Aviv University. She accepted the invitation, despite many appeals to her to cancel the performance.

I googled her name and just came upon her latest entry on her blog, which reads as follows: Down.  I will be taking Facebook down tonight for awhile. Thanks to my supporters. Thanks to those who disagreed with my stance but were willing to dialogue with civility. We live in a circle. A circle has no sides. Maybe the circle of life on this earth has been broken. Maybe not–Either way, I do not condone killing of anyone. Never have…

In me it created the following response.  I have submitted it to her comment section, and perhaps she will ‘approve’ it. In the meantime I will also post it here.

To Joy:

“We live in a circle. A circle has no sides.”

How nice this sounds.

But there are different kinds of circles. And some circles need to be broken. Have you not considered that?

The Palestinian people are caught in a circle that needs to be broken. A circle of perpetuate injustice, of collective punishments, of continued deprivation of their rights. And ultimately, in a circle of violence. Children are born into this circle, grow up in it, and many die within it. But you know this, Joy!

The boycott-divestment-sanctions movement seeks to break this destructive circle by non-violent means.

Together we have the power to help restore harmony in that part of the world that you are visiting right now. Your visit to only one “side”  (there are sides!) tilts the weight to the side that already has all the power, all the military might. And even claims to have all the moral weight. While it kills children with its bombs.

I hope in the future you will join those who seek to shift the weight to restore a circle where all can live with dignity. A circle that is inclusive of Palestinians, and everyone, regardless of religion and ethnicity.

It takes courage to make circles change.








(Source of circles.)


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