Music for Gaza! No more sound of bullets, bombs or drones please!

People tonight are celebrating in Gaza!

But the dead are not all buried. The wounded are still there. Many lives have been devastated. Many lives still hang in uncertainty. Hundreds of houses and infra structure were destroyed. The crime was committed. The perpetrators must be prosecuted.

And more importantly, justice to Palestinians must be restored after decades of injustice. The killing for now stops (insh’allah). But the work is only beginning.

We will continue to be with you.

We are Gaza! We are Palestine!

Here I post a few spontaneous remarks that came in (hoping that the senders won’t object):

From our friend Ayah:

We are still alive!!!! People are celebrating like Eid’s days! “Allah Akbar” every where! I wish our men stop firing in the air, my ears can’t hear more bullets! I want to hear music or at least no sound.

BTW, I can still hear the drones, or am I imagining? No, it is still the drones.
Can’t believe “no more siege”, really!!!

Ayah asks me add this :  “Yes we love life, but we will never forget or forgive for breaking our hearts. Justice!”   She also informs me that they can still here the drones!


In from our friend Ziad (it appears Israel managed to raise the death toll up to the last 2 minutes before the ceasefire — quelle horreur! quelle tristesse!)

Mercredi 21 novembre 2012

En direct de Gaza

Il est 22h

La trêve est entrée en figure à 21h

La population civile est soulagée malgré les morts et la destruction massive

Gaza fête sa résistance, sa patience et son attachement à sa terre

On espère un respect israélien de cette trêve et des garanties internationales

Huitième journée de l’agression israélienne contre Gaza

L’aviation israélienne a continué à bombarder Gaza jusqu’à la dernière minute, plus de 25 raids israéliens entre 8h50 et 21h avant l’entrée en figure de cette trêve.

2 martyrs et 3 blessés à 20h58.

22 martyrs et 45 blessé aujourd’hui, le huitième jour de l’agression israélienne

Le bilan de ces huit jours de l’offensive militaire israélienne est lourd : 160 martyrs dont 42 enfants, 12 femmes et 20 personnes âgées, plus de 1200 blessés, et destruction de plus de 300 maisons et immeubles appartiennent à des civils, et 120 bâtiments publics.

Gaza restera toujours debout

Vive Gaza, vive la Palestine, vive la mobilisation populaire et citoyenne internationale pour notre cause noble

Amitiés de Gaza la courageuse, Gaza la vie, Gaza l’espoir et Gaza le sang de nos martyrs.

And from Akram:

This just to say that all of you did great job either by wring and posting, reading or sharing  a post or comment. All of you have been part of media campaign that intended to spread reality about the new massacres that took place against the Palestinians. Your cooperation and your solidarity was one of the reasons that led to the defeat of the aggressors. Here I would like to mention with sincere gratitude all the foreigners who supported the Palestinians. In less than an hour the Palestinians will proudly celebrate this stunning victory against a cowardly enemy who was targeting only civilians. We hope after that we continue this kind of resistance until the criminals are brought to justice and executed according to the international law.

 Long live Palestine,

Long live Palestine,

Long live Palestine !.

As David put it in a response:

It was an honour (as well as a human duty) to do what we could, when we could, to help you and other Palestinians in Gaza. We only hope that the ceasefire holds, and that the international community comes to see the injustice of Israeli occupation more broadly.
Now, to end that blockade!  (my highlight, mn)
ma3a salaam,

One comment on “Music for Gaza! No more sound of bullets, bombs or drones please!

  1. antoine bustros says:

    Je ramasse les debris de mon toit qui vient d’etre refait et je pense aux debris a Gaza. Comme comparer les degats israeliens a ceux des palestiniens.

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