Generators: the noise!

Every time we walk the streets, or most times, we see and hear small generators in front of store fronts. As I posted before, Gazan suffer eight hours of blackouts every day! Who can afford it has a generator to back up. Some people use car batteries to at least have light. Some use candles (which create fire hazards, and in the past people have died in such fires.)

The generators raise the noise level in the streets to something that to my ears is unacceptable. Impossible to walk in peace and have a normal conversation. This is just another thing that people have to live with here on a daily basis. The power cuts are of course a consequence of the power plants having been destroyed during the 2008-2009 bombing (what many here refer to as massacre, which it was, as one cannot speak of a war if one side has so little to defend themselves, and the other side has a US sponsored and equipped army of F16 and tanks) and lack of parts being allowed in to repair them (in other words, the blockade). (We have also heard of requests by civil society groups for more accountability from the Hamas government regarding the length and schedule of these blackouts, which apparently is missing.) One of the many personal benefits of my visiting Gaza is that I will no longer be so noise sensitive to various sounds produced in my neighbourhood back in Montreal.


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