Gazans prepare for Eid amid Israeli attacks

Eid Al-adhar is comparable to our Christmas in importance. People have been fasting for the last few days, and the fast was broken last night after sundown. The sheep below, photographed yesterday on the market, are dead by now, their blood running in the streets (apparently, — haven’t been out on the streets yet). Most of the meat, that which cannot be eaten on the day of Eid, will go to charity. Here is a video link: Gazans prepare for Eid amid Israeli attacks

There was supposed to be a cease fire in Syria lasting through the Eid fest, but it has been broken.


2 comments on “Gazans prepare for Eid amid Israeli attacks

  1. Many thanks for your reports, they are sensitive, pragmatic, revealing, truthful, compelling.
    They confirm the crucial role being played by Gaza Mental Health Centre and Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, over the years and still today.
    Also: the Gaza Ark project to build a boat in Gaza, that deserves our support.
    ps: i love the ‘corrected’ mural for Vittorio, with Handala: with the added word ‘eternal’.

    • mn says:

      Thanks Mary Ellen! Yes, the correction from 2011 to ‘eternal’ on the mural is nice and apparently appears typically and frequently. I had wanted to say this, but got sidetracked. mn

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