October 22, 2012

Things are happening in Gaza while we are here. Here are two examples:

Last night we heard much machine gun firing over the sea. In the morning it was reported that four fishermen were arrested about two miles off the coast. (See Ma’an news). Again, it is quite different to hear of such news while actually being here and having heard the gunshots. David says that the most likely thing to follow is that the fishermen will be released, but their boat will remain confiscated. Israel’s blockade forbids Palestinians from fishing outside of a range of three nautical miles from the coast. (Hardly far enough for any serious fishing and in contrast to the 20 nautical miles that had been agreed on in the Oslo negotiations.) Local rights groups say that often fishermen are targeted even if they are within this range. For more on this read here.

This morning a strike in northern Gaza has killed two people, a third one died of his wounds later in the day. Such incidents close to the border are not that unusual. Israel claims they are militants. But we have been told that sometimes farmers who get to close to the border are targeted and shot. There don’t seem to be many references on the web reporting this killing. I found an item in the Washington Post.

Strangely I don’t feel too scared. I know Gaza city wouldn’t be targeted. But it’s quite an experience. Pretty awful to be able to hear the Israeli war planes flying above.


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