Children from GMS (source: In Gaza :  Music to live by)


A big THANKS – MERCI to all who supported the fundraising event and who came last night!

Special thanks to the lovely musicians who so generously gave their time and talent: Maica Mockingbird, Karen Young and Normand Lachapelle, Benoît Piché, and Antoine Bustros. I enjoyed all of it, and there were some very special musical moments for me in each of the sets. Merci!

Special thanks also to Jocelyne Doray for translating the texts, Andrew Forster for the poster design, and Anaïs Bustros and Maïté Bustros for helping out during the event. Thanks to Casa del Popolo and their support staff for hosting this event.

It was a lovely evening, and we enjoyed it, and we were able to raise a modest sum that will buy some supplies and perhaps a couple of instruments for the school. But mainly, we will be able to arrive in Gaza and bring the children the message that there are people in Montreal who do care, and that although it looks like much of the world has averted its gaze, they are not forgotten by all.

If anyone took photos, please send them, so I can post some.

In mid October Antoine Bustros and I will be traveling to Cairo, and then on to Gaza. We are planning to post a travel blog here in this space … so stay linked …
Máire Noonan