Traveling to Cairo and Gaza

Departure time is approaching.  The government of Canada’s travel pages ( tell us to ‘avoid unessential travel’ to Egypt, and absolutely ‘avoid all travel’ to Gaza. Is our travel unessential?


After a messy and expensive rebooking due to Antoine being sick and being misdiagnosed for having pneumonia (was not true), we finally arrive a couple of days late in Cairo. Here is the story of our voyage in chronologically orders links to blog entries.

October 17 & 18:  The story of our day at the pyramids, our travel to Rafah, and the crossing into Gaza: ‘We are in Gaza!’

October 18:  Our arrival

October 19,  second day in Gaza:  ‘Khan Younis’

October 20,  third day in Gaza:

At the University; and the Estelle


October 21,  fourth day in Gaza:

‘Sister Power. Visiting the families of Palestinian prisoners

October 22, fifth day in Gaza:

Fishermen arrested

On the street – enfin

The concert

Divide and destroy

Restiamo umani

October 23-27:

Black outs and generators

Eid al-adhar among missiles strikes

Maya and Hani, and their pharmacy 

A visit to a friend’s place

The al Quds hospital

Honey from Gaza. A case in point of Palestinian resilience

Umm Ahmed

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